Coral Vitalizer

Coral Vitalizer

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Coral Vitalizer - Korallfoder med både flytande och fast innehåll. Ger näring till SPS och olika mjukkoraller. Påverkar inte PO4 eller NO3.

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The new Coralfood Concentrate contains both liquid and solid elements, providing food to SPS corals as well as several soft corals.

Does not increase PO4 or NO3.

First results can be seen after 7 – 10 days. When the corals are used to the feeding you will notice increased polyp expansion, e.g. of Acropora are fully extended even during the light period.

Corals retain their bright, natural color. Increases coral growth.

We recommend a dosing of 1-3 drops per 100L/25 gallons /day, depending on the live stock in the tank.

By (örebro, Sweden) on 31 Dec 2015 (Coral Vitalizer) :

Funkar utmärkt för mina koraller!

Funkar utmärkt för mina koraller!

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