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FM Ricordea/Zoanthus Food

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FM Ricordea/Zoanthus Food

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FM Ricordea/Zoanthus Food

250 ml

Natural food particles for keeping colorful Ric´s and Zoas, Discosoma and small polyp corals like Goniopora and others.


For 50 Usgal tank mix 10 ml Ric/Zoa Food with 10 ml Ultramin D. Stirr the mix and let it stay for 15 min. Feed several time daily if possible in small ammounts, but not more then 10 ml of the mix in 50 UsGal.

When starting out, we recommend that you use less and see the reaction of the animals. You can use a syringe for feeding.

The food can be also feed as dry food. Add 1/4 tsp with Aquarium water mix it and dose this ammount for a 50 gal. tank. Do not overdose !

Additives per kg:

Vitamins Vitamin D3 (E671) 1000 I.E.

Trace Elements (E1) 45mg Iron-Sulfate:monohydrate (E2) 2mg Calciumjodate (E4) 6mg Coppersulfate-penta-hydrate (E5) 17mg Manganese-sulfate-monohydrate (E6) 112mg Zinc-sulfate-monohydrate Antioxididants: 280mg other European additives

Ingredients: Plancton, Fish/shrimp and Fishbyproducts, Oil, marine Lipids, Algea 5 % , marine Proteins, Biopolymers.

Protein/Protein  68 % Kohlenhydrate/Carbohydrates 8 % Marine Öle/marine Lipids 22 % Spurenelemente/Trace Elements BioPolymere/marine Biopolymers

For Aquarium use only


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