Mysis Liquid Feed

Mysis Liquid Feed

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Mysis Liquid Feed - flytande mysis är naturlig föda med bra näringsinnehåll

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Mysis Liquid Feed

Mysis Liquid Feed - flytande mysis är naturlig föda med bra näringsinnehåll

Mysis RS Liquid Feed 250ml

contains 100% Freshwater Mysis Relicta Shrimp. Mysis RS liquid feed is ideal for dosing systems with no need to freeze. These 250ml bottles give the aquarist a product that is easy to feed and second to none for quality and freshness.

Mysis RS is harvested from clean glacier fed lakes, are 100% Freshwater Mysis Relicta Shrimp and are excellent value with an exceptional nutritional profile containing the following:

  • High levels of important Omega 3’s, rich in EPA/DHA for superior growth and health.
  • Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant which naturally enhances colour and boosts immunity.
  • Exceptional Protein loaded with long branch chain amino acids.
  • Harvested live which maintains the whole animal and flash frozen immediately  for superior quality and value.
  • Mysis RS is tested regularly and is pathogen free.

Mysis Relicta is harvested in British Columbia freshwater lakes and is now recognized as being one of the most nutritionally complete foods in the aquarium and aquaculture industry.

Store in the fridge once opened. 12 Months Shelf Life


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